Burke Family Law adheres to a high standard of excellence, resolving family law cases with a settlement-minded approach. Fierce advocates when necessary, Burke Family Law guides clients with compassion, skill, and creative solutions.


About Burke Family Law

Katie Burke

Founding Attorney


Katie Burke has practiced family law in San Francisco for sixteen years. Katie is a compassionate and zealous advocate, operating at a high level to preserve her clients’ dignity. A champion for children and families, she has represented children in their parents’ custody and visitation disputes, and she has volunteered in domestic violence prevention throughout her career.  Read Katie's full bio.

Joanne Y. Zhou, Esq.

Of Counsel

Joanne Zhou is the founder and managing partner of The Zhou Law Group. Ms. Zhou, an experienced divorce lawyer, is well known for her talent, compassion, competence, and efficiency. Her strength lies in her ability to simplify the complicated divorce issues and propose intelligent and effective solutions for her clients.

As a prominent member of the California Bar Association and California Family Law Association, Ms. Zhou regularly gives exclusive interviews to Tencent commenting on trending legal news and topics. Read Joanne's full bio.


Child Custody and Visitation 

Burke Family Law takes a child-centered approach to custody and visitation. This viewpoint excludes any discussion of winning and losing, and places the best interests of the child(ren) at the center of all child-related issues.

Child and Spousal Support

Burke Family Law works to balance the parties' respective finances early in the case, acting quickly to ascertain each party's earning capacity and establish temporary child and spousal support orders accordingly.

Each party's financial self-sufficiency is critical to focusing on case settlement. Burke Family Law aims to keep cases out of crisis mode by stabilizing the temporary finances, then moving swiftly toward permanent orders.

Premarital, Post-Marital, and Cohabitation Agreements

Burke Family Law diligently drafts and reviews premarital, post-marital, and cohabitation agreements, using thoughtful analysis to create enforceable contracts that clearly state the parties' intent at signing.

Domestic Violence
Restraining Orders

Katie is a longtime domestic violence prevention advocate, who works closely with people moving out of violent circumstances.

Burke Family Law is committed to protecting our clients from harm as they carefully bring themselves to safety.

Practice  Areas


Katie Burke mediates family law matters, acting as a neutral professional on behalf of both parties to a family law dispute or transaction, to help them resolve their issue out of court.


She also represents and consults with people who engage in mediation with other mediators.


Burke Family Law handles appeals in family law and civil litigation cases.

Complex Asset Division

Katie has extensive experience with high-asset cases. She has developed streamlined methods for handling discovery and division of large assets, including hiring forensic accountants who specialize in complex financial matters.

Burke Family Law also handles division of simple assets, often forgoing discovery and forensic measures in such cases, to conserve financial resources.


Burke Family Law handles guardianship matters in probate court, helping people secure and maintain legal guardianships when a parent dies and a relative wishes to raise the decedent’s children.

Name Changes

Burke Family Law handles name changes for people who have changed genders or otherwise want to change their names outside of the divorce context, in addition to helping marital dissolution clients restore their given surnames during divorce.

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